6 Tips to Help Dry Skin


(HealthAndFitnessTimes.com)   Flaky, scratchy, dried out skin may trouble you almost all year, yet it’s frequently more serious during winter.

You would like a solution for dry skin. You would like it quickly. In order to help you supply your dried out skin the ease and comfort it needs, we went to the skin treatment professionals. We questioned dermatologists for their own best tips about the best way to overcome dried out skin fast. The following are their 6 uncomplicated solutions.

Warm Showers

A relaxing steamy shower can feel great, but hot water is certainly not doing your dried out skin any kind of good, claims dermatologist Andrea Cambio, MD, FAAD.

The problem? Hot showers remove your body’s natural oil barrier; this barrier helps retain moisture and also keeps skin moist and smooth.

Therefore the following time you shower, the skin care specialists suggest brief, warm showers or perhaps baths simply no lengthier than five to ten minutes. Any time you dry off; provide your skin a good gentle pat dry rather than a brisk rub. Then promptly use a skin moisturizer.

Use a Mild Cleanser

When you happen to be taking these shorter showers, clean using a soap-less solution, recommends Cambio. Or perhaps you might choose a mild cleanser which tends to be free of perfume, deodorant, or antibacterial ingredients, which usually will be tough on skin.

You may additionally consider a cleanser that contains ceramides, recommends Carolyn Jacob, MD, a dermatologist in Chicago. These ceramides are fatty molecules which help to make up the actual outer barrier of your skin and enable skin to hold in moisture. A number of skin treatment products include artificial ceramides that will replace those we lose as we grow older.

Go easy using toners, chemical peels, and various other astringents which include alcohol, which often can further dry out stressed skin. When you desire the refreshing feel you receive following an exfoliation, always be cautious of too much scrubbing that could irritate and also thicken skin.

Use Your Razor Right

Shaving might irritate dried out skin. Not surprisingly, you are basically scraping away natural oils while you shave away undesirable hair. When your blade isn’t sharp, you will be basically asking for problem skin.

The most effective time to shave will be following your shower, states the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). Hairs tend to be softer and much more pliable right after bathing. And also your skin pores are usually open, making shaving simpler.

In order to safeguard your skin, constantly make use of a shaving lotion or gel, as well as shave in the direction the particular hair is growing. Never forget to switch your razor blades frequently.

Dress Proper All Season

Sunlight damage can be one of the primary causes driving dried out skin, lines and wrinkles states the AAD. You may help avoid that damage simply by wearing an SPF 15 sun block year round and also dressing right.

In cooler weather conditions, always be certain to “dress in layers in order to avoid getting hot and perspiring too much; each may irritate the skin,” Cambio explains.

Never leave your lips out while in the cold. In order to avoid dry, chapped lip area during winter months, make use of a lip lotion having SPF 15 sun block, and also protect your lips by using a scarf or perhaps a hat along with a mask.

During summer, put on light, loose, long-sleeved shirts whenever out and about in the sunshine, and also put on a wide-brimmed hat in order to shade ears, neck, and eyes.


Winter’s frigid, dry air can be a frequent cause of dried out, irritated skin. When heating your own home in the cold months it eliminates moisture from the air, that can leave dried out skin even more dry.

In order to bring back that lacking moisture rapidly and effortlessly, place a humidifier within the area where you sleep, recommends Cambio. In the end you would like indoor humidity to become around 50%. You could track humidity very easily using an economical humidity meter, referred to as a hygrometer.

Adhere to the Guidelines of Moisturizing

The quickest way to calm dried out skin is to hydrate it, and actually the most basic products will help. “Petroleum jelly can make a fantastic moisturizer,” claims dermatologist Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD, or perhaps you could use mineral oil, any preferred lotion, or cream.

When you desire a particularly rich moisturizer, search for one having shea butter, stearic acid, ceramides, or perhaps glycerin, recommends Leslie Baumann, MD, director with the Cosmetic Medicine Research Institute. “Almost all tend to be rich moisturizers which can help you rejuvenate your skin barrier,” Baumann states in her article Winter Skin, “yet I especially like glycerin.”

Simply no matter which moisturizer you select, you are going to want to moisturize dried out skin correctly. Jacob offers these basic rules regarding effective moisturizing:

•           Clean using a non-soap liquid solution, ideally one having ceramides in order to replenish the skin’s external layer.

•           Pat the skin dry for fewer than twenty seconds.

•           Use a thicker moisturizer to slightly wet the skin within just minutes of washing in order to trap in moisture.

•           Hydrate your hands each and every time you clean them, as well, so that evaporating water will not pull even more moisture from your dried out skin.

Finally, to be able to obtain double benefit coming from your moisturizer, search for a lotion having sun block of SPF 15 or even higher. You could locate moisturizing sun care products like ointments, gels, creams, also sprays. The AAD recommends creams as your finest bet for helping to battle dried out skin.