Breast Cancer Survivor Blogs For The Future


Breast cancer is simply not an uncommon issue nowadays, it has effects on millions of women worldwide and large numbers of brand-new occurrences are identified daily. Women spanning various ages are afflicted and don’t forget that, the problems involving anxiety and fear stretch to involve almost all members of the family and network of colleagues and friends.

Hospitals along with treatment centers have created a very wide range of guidance facilities and lots of benevolent organizations or even voluntary teams additionally assist patients to deal at every stage within the breast malignancy voyage. Outreach along with help and support expertise usually are offered extensively by hospitals and treatment centers, with charities and voluntary groups also helping women to cope as they experience all the different stages in their breast cancer treatments. However, more and more, women tend to be reaching out to support each other deal by means of blogging or even internet websites talking about their very own ordeals through breast cancer and its numerous treatment options.

So just exactly why does this kind of thing take place? Might possibly it be introduced (blank) by means of the dynamics that belong to the illness or perhaps might it be merely the unique sea transformation in modern communities relationship with information technology that has caused women in later life to be happy to commit a chunk of time every day or two writing a blog, posting on twitter or even running a Myspace page? Whatever the cause, the phenonmenon is real and appears to be a growing pattern.

Would you be able to write in relation to your experiences if it happened to you? Following early reluctance and possibly a small amount of shyness, the actual response is yes for quite a few women. The action of logging or recording an individual’s private thoughts is equally self healing and supportive for others. Medical practitioners and nurses can try his or her very best in order to guide you yet there is something distinctive, some thing powerful in experiencing how another woman managed a similar thing you are experiencing.

From hair loss to hot flushes, from joint pains to brittle finger nails – these blog sites have it all covered. The content is not world class journalism. Sometimes it’s very raw and hard to read – but it’s real and it’s incredibly authentic both in the way of writing and in the intent to reach out and support.

If you have breast cancer – or any other chronic disease for that matter – then you really should give some thought to starting a blog or an online journal. It’s easy to get started and you’ll be amazed at how sharing your pain with a wider audience can help both them and you to cope. Don’t hold back – give it a try today.

Marjory Cameron is a breast cancer survivor who blogs her experiences at