Circle + Bloom Launches Innovative Mind-Body Program for IVF/IUI


Circle + Bloom announced the release of two new mind-body and relaxation programs for women’s health and reproduction. The medical and scientific community continues to discover new information about how the mind and body interact and how stress impacts people’s health on many levels. With this knowledge and understanding, people can become empowered to take more control of their health and wellness treatments. Circle + Bloom has taken this knowledge to create powerful mind-body programs to help women throughout their entire fertility journey.
“Our customers have loved our flagship program for a natural fertility cycle and we are excited to respond to the many requests we received to add a program that was specifically tailored to an IVF/IUI cycle,” said Joanne Verkuilen, Founder of Circle + Bloom.

Circle + Bloom worked with Dr. Dehan Chen of Valley Fertility Center in Paramus, NJ who provided the technical information to create the IVF/IUI Cycle Program. Dr. Chen commented, “I am excited to see advanced mind-body programs designed specifically for the fertility community. I am looking forward to implementing Circle + Bloom’s program into my practice.”

The program tracks to the specific regimen and timing of advanced fertility treatments, and includes 18 different sessions, with special programs for both the egg extraction procedure and the fertilized egg transfer. Based upon the mind-body theory of visualizing your body’s internal processes, the IVF/IUI Program takes a very technical approach to fully leverage mind-body intelligence. The program is a downloadable MP3 audio that is over 4 hours in length, broken down into approximately 15-minute sessions designed to be listened to on a daily basis.

One of our beta-testers commented, “IVF is a very stressful process and it’s hard to keep yourself calm, relaxed, and positive. I listened to Circle + Bloom each night, and we were successful this cycle! I credit the program a lot for my success.”

The company also announced the release of its program designed for pregnancy. “Our Pregnancy Program was developed in response to the women who became pregnant while using our programs and requested a post-conception program to continue using the powerful relaxation and mind-body routine throughout their pregnancy,” added Joanne.

The Pregnancy Program allows women to reduce their levels of stress, which has been shown to cause low birth-weight and premature labor, and could potentially affect the baby’s temperament and neurobehavioral development. The program is an audio MP3, segmented by trimester.