Do You Suffer from Auto-Pilot Eating?


According to Insulite Laboratories’ free, weekly email health tips, this type of eating can include hardly registering a small snack consumed while chatting with a friend, driving or watching TV. This bad habit may be filling our diets with scores of undocumented–and unnecessary–calories and carbohydrates every day.

Insulite Labs goes on to suggest a number of strategies to overcome mindless “auto-pilot eating.” These range from sticking up written reminders telling you NOT to eat in places where you munch snacks, like your car or at your office desk, and going for a walk instead of reaching for a bite.

Each week, Insulite Labs’ health tips report on a variety of topics for better health. These can include simple processes that encourage behavioral changes leading to a healthier lifestyle as well as new research results, little-known food facts and science-based exercise recommendations.

The tips arrive each week in brief, concise email messages to subscribers. These mini-health advisories are customized for individuals suffering from or wanting more information about excess weight/obesity; pre-diabetes; metabolic syndrome (syndrome x); type 2 diabetes; and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). All of these disorders are related to insulin resistance – a dangerous imbalance of insulin and glucose (blood sugar).

Recent Insulite health tips have included such diverse subjects as: “Are Bad Habits Hijacking Your Brain?” “A Better Way to Lift Weights”, “Avoiding the Slide into Type 2 Diabetes” and “Fighting Back Against Sleep Apnea”.

“We encourage individuals to become educated about their health and to make gradual behavioral changes toward a healthier lifestyle,” says Dr. Heather DeLuca of Insulite Laboratories’ Consulting & Advisory team. “Our health tips focus on one topic at a time with simple strategies for change.”