Editorial Policy

HealthAndFitnessTimes’s Editorial Policy

HealthAndFitnessTimes aims to offer trustworthy, correct information and facts on a vast array of subjects. Professional editors and writers offer well researched material that conforms to the finest standards of journalistic integrity. HealthAndFitnessTimes.com’s editorial staff maintains full editorial freedom and control over material without sway from advertisers or sponsors. HealthAndFitnessTimes is extremely sensitive to marketing and editorial concerns, and would like to promise you that it is always impartial of any advertisement or marketing influence in order to provide you the most beneficial information attainable.

Exactly where does HealthAndFitnessTimes’s content material come from?

•Original content: Articles, product or service reviews, slideshows, interviews, and polls are unique content, produced by the HealthAndFitnessTimes editorial staff. Any review or article for which a product has been supplied through a 3rd party will certainly be disclosed within the body of the article.
•User contributed content: Some content material, such as comments on articles, blogs and additional components may well be supplied by site visitors. Even though this content is moderated, it may include statements which have not been researched or confirmed by the editorial staff.
•Licensed content material: In a few occasions, HealthAndFitnessTimes might license content material to make it accessible to site visitors. This content material is examined for adherence to HealthAndFitnessTimes’s editorial standards and guidelines.

Links to Other Websites: Many links on HealthAndFitnessTimes.com leave our website in order to gain access to another website. HealthAndFitnessTimes offers these links as a convenience, but we neither manage or endorse these Linked Sites, nor has HealthAndFitnessTimes authorized the content material that appears on the Linked Websites. HealthAndFitnessTimes is not responsible for the legality, accuracy or unacceptable nature of any kind of content material, marketing, merchandise or other resources on or accessible from any Linked Websites.

Corrections Policy: HealthAndFitnessTimes.com quickly corrects or explains content material when required. Any kind of corrections to licensed or third-party content are the responsibility of the actual creators of that content, even though we make our very best efforts to inform them of any kind of reported problems.

Feedback: Please send feedback and queries about the website or our editorial policy by means of e-mail to admin@HealthAndFitnessTimes.com.

Advertising Policy
Advertising on HealthAndFitnessTimes consists of banners, buttons, contextual marketing, graphics, special offers, sponsored content material, and affiliate links. Advertisers on HealthAndFitnessTimes.com are required to supply advertising that is accurate, tasteful and conforms with HealthAndFitnessTimes’s advertising guidelines. Advertisers are accountable for the material in their advertising and HealthAndFitnessTimes is not responsible for the legality, accuracy or unacceptable nature of any advertising or sites to which advertising links.

HealthAndFitnessTimes.com has sole and complete discretion with regard to interpretation and administration of this policy and may modify it at any time by posting a revised policy to the website.

HealthAndFitnessTimes has sole discretion for identifying the kinds of advertising that are approved and shown on HealthAndFitnessTimes.com. However, acceptance of advertising will not be regarded as an recommendation of any product, service or organization.

HealthAndFitnessTimes will not intentionally accept advertising that it thinks is not factually correct; advertising must not include deceptive or fraudulent information.

HealthAndFitnessTimes will not intentionally accept advertising that consists of offensive material, such as any material that misrepresents, ridicules, or attacks an individual or group on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or handicap.

Clicking on an advertisement may link to an advertiser’s website. HealthAndFitnessTimes has no responsibility for content material, offers or services on an advertiser’s website.

HealthAndFitnessTimes keeps a strong separation between editorial content and advertising. HealthAndFitnessTimes adheres to industry standards in advertising on the website. Sponsored material on the website will be labeled as “Sponsored” or advertising to distinguish it from editorial material.

HealthAndFitnessTimes has affiliate associations with a variety of organizations and may be reimbursed for purchases made by way of links to the sites of those organizations.