Fertility Drug Book Strikes Gold


Terence Mix’s multi-award winning book, “The Price of Ovulation”, has just snagged another accolade, this one a gold medal in the 14th annual Independent Publisher Book Awards. The medal will be presented in the category of Health/Medicine/Nutrition at a gala ceremony in New York on May 25, 2010. “This is quite an honor,” says Mix, whose book has won six other national book awards. “My hope is that it will draw attention to a little-known risk associated with the use of fertility drugs.”
The book follows Mix’s 35-year battle to expose the risk of birth defects resulting from the use of fertility drugs and suggests a means of how to substantially reduce the risk. Among other revelations, it points to a birth defect warning requested in the labeling of Clomid by the FDA in 1983. “Take a look at the package insert,” says Mix. “It’s still not there.” Mix explains that the insert instead proclaims the safety of Clomid on the basis of the premarket clinical studies. “The problem is,” he says, “those studies were never meant to assess the risk of birth defects. I know, because in 1979, I took the deposition of the doctor who designed them. In fact, the manufacturer concealed reports of birth defects and miscarriages from the same studies.”

Mix, a trial attorney, explains that it is all documented in “The Price of Ovulation”, along with citations of published studies reporting an increased risk of birth defects from the use of fertility drugs. He is also highly critical of the FDA. “The FDA is as much a part of the problem as the drug companies,” he adds. “The agency is joined at the hip with the drug industry, which supplies over 50% of its budget related to drugs, creating a huge conflict of interest.” He states that his forthcoming book, “American Guinea Pig”, will not only detail all of the problems with the FDA and why it is contributing to 230,000 deaths per year, but lay out a plan on how this tragic statistic can be cut in half and what drug consumers can do to protect themselves.