For Breast Augmentation, Philadelphia Women Choosing New Fat-Grafting Option


Many women thinking about breast enhancements now have a new option that uses their own natural tissue instead of breast implants. Dr. Mark Solomon ( is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering breast augmentation in Philadelphia using a fat-grafting method in addition to more traditional approaches. He says that while the new technique’s results are very different from implant-type surgery, for the right patient these more subtle enhancements can be ideal.
“Fat-grafting breast augmentation combines liposuction and breast enhancement for a natural, balanced change. For the right patient, this procedure can achieve very aesthetically pleasing results. And it also offers several other distinct benefits,” Dr. Solomon notes. “For example, cost is comparable to traditional augmentation, but no implant is used so deflation, hardening and implant rupture are not issues. Also, the fat is placed in the chest muscle and beneath the skin, not in the breast tissue, so mammography is not interfered with.”

Fat-grafting breast augmentation uses fat removed from areas like the hips and thighs through liposuction. This fat is purified and then placed in the patient’s chest muscle. While this may seem like a fairly straightforward cosmetic surgery procedure in Philadelphia, most surgeons did not perform it until recently because of the challenges involved in encouraging the fat to integrate properly in its new location.

“This procedure is on the leading edge,” says Dr. Solomon. “Using advanced techniques that have been carefully reviewed in recent studies, I am able to safely achieve very satisfying results for women who want a more subtle augmentation.”

The ideal candidate for fat-grafting breast enlargement in Philadelphia should be looking for a small-scale volume change, should not be aiming to lose significant weight in the future, and should have good skin quality and breast position to start with.

“I make it very clear to my patients that fat-grafting is not the same as traditional breast augmentation – the procedure is different, the results are different, and the guidelines for patient candidacy are different,” Dr. Solomon adds.

Dr. Solomon also emphasizes that a surgeon’s technique and experience performing fat-grafting are key factors in the ultimate success of the procedure. “I waited to offer this procedure until I could be confident that I can deliver reliable results,” says Dr. Solomon. “If you are thinking about this technique, make it a high priority to choose a Philadelphia breast enhancement surgeon with the experience to set the right expectations and then follow through with a beautiful result.”