HCG Diet Injections – Dangers Of Hcg Diet Injections For Weight Loss


HCG diet injections have came a long way after its finest function exposed as a fat buster. After that, many overweight people used Hcg as an effective and secured way of cutting extra pounds. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is found in various forms. Interested people can either inject or consume real hormone so that they can drop 1 pound every day. Before undergoing this hormonal therapy, some facts must be cleared:

* A VLCD or 500 calorie diet should be maintained for couple of weeks.

* Drinking plenty of water and adequate sleep are recommended.

* Sugar and starch are strict no in the weight loss duration.

* Hcg triggers metabolism by burning fat into energy. So, better to feed on organic diet.

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Dangers Of Hcg Diet Injections For Weight Loss:

* Using Hcg injections for weight loss is helpful but it is not the best way to infuse this hormone in the body. Improper administration of the shots might lead to muscle cramps and lumps.

* The shots are painful as these are given under the skin and in muscle.

* Injecting Hcg in the body requires extra caution. It has to be monitored under a medical supervisor.

* Mixing powder Hcg with sterile water is a hassle itself.

To lose weight dramatically, start taking homeopathic sublingual drops. Unlike the intra-muscular shots, it inflicts no pain and cramps. The easy administration of the drops under the tongue made it popular than the injections. 125 i.u. to 200 i.u. of real Hcg drops everyday for 2 to 3 weeks are efficient enough to discard 40 lbs. so, get your new toned figure in less than a month by consuming diet drops.