Individuals Having Normal Cholesterol Might Benefit From Statins


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Evidently healthy individuals having normal or still lower cholesterol levels may benefit as much through using statin drug treatments as individuals having high cholesterol, U.S. research workers stated.

They analyzed individuals having normal cholesterol readings yet higher levels of C-reactive proteins, a marker of inflammation, and observed statins decreased the chance of heart attacks, blocked arteries as well as additional complications in this group as they did among individuals with high cholesterol.

The majority of individuals are not typically screened for C-reactive proteins; however the research workers claim that it might be time to start screening for it in the expectations of preventing heart attacks in individuals that may otherwise go without treatment.

“This paper offers just what we believe is quite convincing evidence that the moment might be at hand for a change in exactly how we go about protecting against heart disease,” stated Dr. Paul Ridker of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, in whose research appears within the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Ridker directed a key study last year known as Jupiter which discovered offering AstraZeneca’s cholesterol fighter Crestor, or rosuvastatin, reduced fatalities, heart attacks, strokes and also artery-clearing treatments in seemingly healthy patients.

Within the most recent investigation, that was financed by AstraZeneca, Ridker along with colleagues searched to observe exactly how the advantages of statin in individuals with higher C-reactive protein in comparison with statins in individuals with excessive cholesterol.

They selected a typical measuring stick utilized to assist doctors assess treatments, a measurement of the amount of patients that need to take a medication over time to obtain a benefit.

In this situation, the research workers looked at exactly how many patients with lower cholesterol and higher C-reactive protein might need to take Crestor for 5 years prior to the medication avoided a heart attack, stroke, treatment method to unblock a blocked artery or death coming from a heart attack or stroke.

They discovered the quantity required to treat, identified as NNT, had been twenty individuals.

“Those NNT values happen to be equivalent or perhaps superior to NNT values we previously take into account acceptable to avoid cardiovascular disease with statins in individuals having high cholesterol levels,” Ridker stated.

He mentioned in additional prevention studies, the five-year NNT values regarding individuals with higher cholesterol ranged from forty-four, for individuals getting the statin medication pravastatin or Pravachol, produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb, to sixty three for individuals getting Merck’s Mevacor, or lovastatin.

They additionally computed if individuals with higher levels of C-reactive protein took an additional statin and only obtained fifty percent or seventy five percent of the actual benefit which individuals got using Crestor in the Jupiter investigation, the benefit was nevertheless similar to that observed in individuals that take statins to reduce their cholesterol.

“This particular study indicates that numerous patients outside our present treatment guidelines might gain significantly from statin treatment,” explained Ridker, who revealed that he has gotten consulting fees as well as grants from a number of drug corporations which includes AstraZeneca.