Kellogg’s Reveal What Women Want – Chocolate


Kellogg’s reveal through new research that women think about it all the time, enjoy it most after a bad day and would choose it over any other pleasure in life – chocolate that is.
The research* by Kellogg’s has revealed that over 20% of women in the UK say they would kiss goodbye to their sex lives before their chocolate fix and over a quarter would give up their chardonnay and Chanel.

In fact according to the report it seems women have a one track mind for chocolate as 30% confessed they thought about their treat most during the day, compared to just 18% who said they think about sex**.

A bad day at work is the main reason women turn to chocolate for comfort with over half of all women admitting this is when they indulge the most, while a third do so after an argument with their partner.

Ladies in Yorkshire are the most likely to be driven to the chocolate cupboard by their hormones with 40% saying they turn to chocolate to relieve PMT.

The research shows chocolate is a woman’s ultimate guilty pleasure with 2.3m admitting they eat it more than 3 times a day however, 70% of women said they felt guilty for doing so, with health, weight and dirty looks from their partner the top reasons for guilt.

Women also use chocolate as a reward with 41% saying they treat themselves after eating healthily including healthy snacks all day and 20% after exercising. This could start with a healthy breakfast at the beginning of the day and feeling the chocolate has been earned by the end.

40% of women even said that chocolate is the only thing that cheers them up.

Sally Tribe from Kellogg’s Fibre Plus said: “Our research shows women’s powerful relationship with chocolate – with many admitting they would even choose it over sex. They turn to chocolate when they need comfort, a reward and just to cheer themselves up. For many, chocolate never disappoints. However the study also reveals women have a love/hate relationship with their favourite treat because they feel guilty about indulging in something that doesn’t give them any benefit other than pleasure.”