LAUNCH Healthy Frozen Dessert Bars Debut at Safeway, Vons and Other Stores Across the USA


An innovative line of nutritious and indulgent frozen dessert bars is now available at Safeway, one of America’s largest grocers.
LAUNCH bars are a brand new all-natural frozen treat that consumers can enjoy without worry. LAUNCH bars have the taste and texture of ice cream, but offer positive nutrition rather than the unhealthy level of calories and fat normally associated with ice cream.

LAUNCH Frozen Innovations Inc. has re-invented the frozen dessert as a healthy choice by starting with whey protein concentrate, then using all natural flavors and ingredients to deliver a delicious, indulgent experience that you can truly feel good about. LAUNCH bars have 8g of high quality protein and 540mg of Omegas (the “smart fats”), but only 2.5g of fat and just 100 calories.

When asked to compare LAUNCH bars to light ice cream, Brian Schallhorn, President of LAUNCH Frozen Innovations Inc. replied “There is just no comparison. Light ice creams are ‘lesser evil’ versions of regular ice cream. They may have less fat and calories than regular ice cream, but they just don’t taste as good as regular ice cream, and they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and additives to thicken them. Our LAUNCH bars provide positive nutrition while delivering a taste experience just like regular ice cream. In short, LAUNCH bars are more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.”

For more information on LAUNCH products go to LAUNCH bars can be found in the natural food department of Safeway and their subsidiaries, including Vons, Tom Thumb, Dominick’s, Genuardi’s, Randalls, Pavilions, and Carrs. Details of store locations and on-line retailers carrying LAUNCH bars can be found at .