Lemon Detox Diet Recipe: Maple Syrup Cayenne Pepper


The original lemonade detox diet recipe (aka Master Cleanse Diet) was created way back in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, but was only published in 1976.
The lemon maple syrup diet is essentially a detox body cleanse however many people have been using it as a weight loss diet as well (most recently Beyonce).

When on the the lemon maple syrup diet the only form of nutrition is from the lemon juice and maple syrup. You should drink at least 60 oz of lemonade a day, and no other foods are allowed for the duration of the diet.
Because the regime is mostly a fasting diet it is known to be very difficult to complete the whole 10 days. To make life a little easier for you there are some allowed cheats…

The lemon detox diet recipe has been known to perform wonders like reversing a lot of the effects of unhealthy lifestyles and diets loaded with toxins, not to mention the daily stress and anxiety we pile on top.

It’s no secret that an alarmingly high percentage of the population are slowly poisoning themselves. By continuing with these types of lifestyles we are robbing ourselves of years from our lives, and also living at well below the energy levels and enthusiasm that we should have.

The Master Cleanse detox diet’s claim to fame is that it helps to eliminate the waste build up in our system. It improves our health, and increases our energy levels without the use of drugs or surgery.
The lemon detox diet is so effective at cleansing that years of undigested food, waste and toxins are passed.

The lemonade diet ingredients:

* 2 Tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice

* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup

* 1/10 Teaspoon of finely ground cayenne pepper

* 10 oz of filtered water

The above ingredients are for one serving and you should drink 8-12 servings per day.

There are many health benefits to doing the lemon detox diet recipe:

* Eliminate years of toxic waste (pounds of phlegm, mucus, and other waste too disgusting to mention).
* Losing weight is an added bonus, especially as a lot of the fat and waste is burned from around the waist line.
* The detox will recharge your cells and vital organs and you will feel an incredible boost of energy.
* It is known to help with all types of acute and chronic conditions.