Luka Hocevar of Hocevar Performance Explains Key Reasons People Fail To Keep Weight Off


Luka Hocevar, a Renton fitness expert and owner of Renton Results Bootcamp, knows the reason why people fail to lose weight fast, and more importantly, keep it off. He believes rapid fat loss, and permanent fat loss, are much more easily accomplished when people have the correct plan in place.
According to Hocevar, “I believe there are three key reasons why people fail to lose weight fast and keep it off. Rapid fat loss is easily achieved once dieters understand three keys.”

The following are Hocevar’s top three reasons why people fail to lose weight fast and keep the unwanted pounds and inches off:

1. Lack of support. All the latest research has shown how critical it is for dieters to have a support system in place. When times get tough, and they will, people need to have a community of positive people to turn to that will help them achieve their rapid fat loss goals.
2. No emphasis on lifestyle changes. A very big reason people fail to maintain their rapid fat loss for a lifetime is a complete failure to focus on lifestyle changes. Temporary fixes and fad diets need to be replaced by healthy habits and a new self-image. Hocevar believes people put too much emphasis on the “lose weight fast” and not enough on the lifestyle changes necessary to keep the pounds from ever coming back.
3. Paralysis by analysis. Too often dieters wait for the perfect time or want to have the perfect plan in place before trying to lose weight fast and keep it off. The plan only need be good enough to get started. Creating a weight loss plan is mandatory, but not at the expense of never getting started on the road to rapid fat loss. Create a plan centered around a support community and lifestyle changes and adjust the plan as necessary.