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There may be hundred of models attending a casting, they are all professional, experienced, beautiful and slim. So, flawless body, nicely shaped arms and legs, an inch less in waist may make all the difference among them, only one will be spotted and get the job because of the most attractive and healthy body. Girls and boys need to think about their diet and exercise when dreaming about career in modelling. Metabolism is completely different in teenage years and early twenties, sugars and fats are not burnt but are stored in the body, causing extra layer of fat, cellulite (girls) and may ruin modelling career at the very beginning. In addition it is much harder to lose weight than simply control it. Also, dramatic weight gain and loss leads to creation of stretch marks, which are very hard to cover.

In order to guide young aspiring models in achieving perfect body Models Connect teamed up with personal trainer Ashley Lartey. Ashley proposes innovative and highly motivating methods of training for everyone, anyone interested may take a peek on
Ashley has been writing articles on nutrition and fitness and publishing them on Models Connect website ( …). A proper diet, protein and carbohydrates intake, as well as facts about body fat have been the subjects discussed in nutrition section. Ashley also talks about running, flexibility and core training in fitness section on Models Connect advice page.
In addition a special topic on Models Connect forum has been created, dedicated entirely to fitness and nutrition questions and doubts young people may have. Ashley will be answering these questions, which is a fantastic opportunity to get free advice on physical development and healthy lifestyle.

With beautiful weather outside, holiday season just around the corner, it is maybe worth it to work out a bit, watch the diet and get fabulous look to show off with in summer clothes.