More People Choosing Noninvasive Liposuction


Removing problem fat may be easier than ever, thanks to new, completely noninvasive options that are generating plenty of interest from Los Angeles women and men. Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. David Stoker, plastic surgeons who provide both traditional Los Angeles liposuction and noninvasive alternatives through their practice, Marina Plastic Surgery Associates (, say that ZERONA and Zeltiq are quickly gaining popularity as alternatives for patients who prefer not to go under the knife.
“Both of these new body contouring options are completely noninvasive, which means they involve no surgery and do not require significant downtime,” explains Dr. Stevens. “We’re very excited to be able to offer these options, and our patients are definitely excited to get the body contours they want without surgery.”

Both alternatives to liposuction in Los Angeles use targeted temperature changes to destroy fat cells’ structure, allowing them to be reabsorbed and eliminated by the body naturally. Zeltiq accomplishes this using a sophisticated cooling system to destroy fat, while ZERONA liquefies fat cells using the heat of a laser device.

For larger-scale body contouring, these new methods can be combined with traditional liposuction. In some cases, patients are even using these noninvasive options as a first step before larger-scale procedures. The Marina Plastic Surgery doctors say that many patients are more than willing to make the investment in the small-scale change first.

“Overall, this can be an excellent way for patients to ease into the changes they want without committing to a surgical procedure right away,” adds Dr. Stevens. “In some cases, the noninvasive approach will be enough, but even for patients who need a traditional procedure, these new methods can fine-tune results in ways that weren’t available before.”