NC Weight Loss Camp Open House is April 24th


The open house is open to the public and gives visitors an opportunity to visit the private college dormitory housing, explore campus to see where activities are held, learn about camp life from previous campers and families as well as meet some of the coming summer’s campers and staff. The teen weight loss camp is hosted annually on the Barton College Campus, offering teen campers the luxury of residing with 2 campers per air-conditioned dorm room. Camp Shining Stars recently announced that author and celebrity Stacey Halprin will be attending camp this summer; open house visitors can learn more about this special guest.

Not a Traditional “Fat Camp”

Camp Shining Stars offers three options for campers. There are two 3-week sessions or a full 6-week summer session for families to choose from. Camp’s first session kicks off on June 27th, the second session on July 18th, and camp closes on August 7th. Registration is still open for the Summer 2010 and is limited to 100 campers. Camp Shining Stars maintains exclusive enrollment in order to preserve their acclaimed 3-to-1 campers-to-staff ratio. Registration information available here or by calling Director Ira Green at 866.644.2709.

About Camp Shining Stars
Camp Shining Stars “Where Winners LOSE” is a non-profit, co-educational summer weight loss camp for teens hosted on the Barton College campus. They believe every child has inherent qualities of importance, beauty, and the capacity to enrich and be enriched by the world in which they live, regardless race, sex, ethnic heritage, income or socio-economic class. Camp Shining Stars promotes the welfare and healthy development of children and grants an environment of acceptance, discipline and affection. Unique in size, privacy and independence, Camp Shining Stars is smaller than traditional summer camps, offers a private residence life with two campers to a room, and is the only weight loss camp that allows campers to choose their own activities. Focused on teaching young adults the habits necessary for leading a healthy life, raising self esteem and losing weight, Camp Shining Stars is supported by a distinguished medical advisory board and offers a menu influenced by nutrition majors at Cornell University, University of North Carolina and East Carolina University.