New Magazine Helps Capture the Essence of an Inner and Outer GLOW


Well-known publisher in the beauty and wellness industry, Anne Akers, takes on a new venture with the recent launch of GLOW Beauty Magazine. Encompassing beauty, health and wellness and dedicated to helping women bring out the inner and outer glow, GLOW Beauty is published for consumers twice a year. The magazine is a definitive source for the latest information on products, treatments, procedures and technologies for looking beautiful while maintaining optimal health. Written by top medical experts and cosmetic and beauty journalists, each issue addresses topics of interest to today’s consumer and helps encourage people find that true beauty comes from within.

In addition to the magazine, GLOW Beauty is dedicated to building relationships with leading retailers, professional groups, and others through events in the beauty, health and wellness arena. Through the GLOW SPEAKERS BUREAU, GLOW Beauty has joined with Lancome/The Boutique, the Carlisle Collection, Women of the New York Bar Association, Women of Wall Street, UNIFEM and charitable groups like the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and Boy’s Town of Italy to help deliver the GLOW Beauty message to consumers in a live format.

GLOW Beauty is available in print, digitally through their website and with Amazon/Kindle. With the help of a social media team, the publication keeps their fans and readers continuously updated with notifications posted on popular social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Distribution of GLOW Beauty is currently available in select locations within the New York metropolitan area with plans to expand nationwide in the near future. These select areas include Manhattan, Long Island and the Hamptons in select hotels, medical offices, spa and fitness facilities, beauty emporiums, as well as retailers including CVS.

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