Pioneering Feminist/Sexologist Betty Dodson Releases New Memoir


Bad Media LLC announced its first e-book, Betty Dodson: My Sexual Revolution, the eagerly awaited autobiography covering the life of pioneering feminist and sexologist Betty Dodson, PhD. This marks Betty’s first new book since penning the feminist classic Liberating Masturbation (1974) and the international bestseller Sex for One (1986 – over 1 million copies sold). Going on sale Thursday, May 20 the book will be available at Ms. Dodson’s website, and The project kicks off with a launch party at world famous Kiki de Montparnasse in New York City. The memoir is the story of one woman’s struggle to liberate female sexuality while enjoying her own. In the 70’s, as the feminist movement evolved focusing on various platform issues such as equal pay, child care, and access to abortion, Betty latched on to sexual liberation as a symbol for self-empowerment. Realizing that many women weren’t enjoying sex, she asked, “How can women ever be truly equal if they are reliant on men for their sexual satisfaction.” She quickly became the leader of the sex positive feminist movement and the rest is history.

The memoir chronicles her 40-year career as a feminist including:

•Her career as a fine artist mounting the first one-woman show of erotic art in 1968.
•Her role as a sex positive feminist including her historic vulva slideshow that premiered at NOW’s 1973 Sexuality Conference.
•Her re-introduction of the electric vibrator in 1973 to the American woman as a pleasure device.
•Her lifetime dedication to women’s sexual pleasure and health. Along the way she has touched and inspired so many including Eve Ensler, Kim Cattrall, Dr. Ruth, the Berman sisters, and many more.

“I’ve had a front row seat at so many important milestones for women from the sexual revolution to the early beginnings of NOW, to the sex fearing 80’s to the ridiculous hypocrisy of ‘Just say no’. We still have a long way to go in terms of owning our own sex lives,” says Ms. Dodson.

“This book really marks a ‘coming out party’ for Betty,” says Carlin Ross, President and Co-founder, BadMedia LLC. “She’s led a full and amazing life – so many people don’t know all of her dimensions. She’s not just an author, activist, and sexologist – she’s also a world renowned fine artist who single handedly re-introduced the electric vibrator to the American woman and inspired us all to lead independent lives.”

Along with the book, BadMedia LLC has launched a website,, and shortly will be releasing for the first time 350 images from Betty Dodson’s fine art collection documenting the birth of the sexual revolution and the women’s movement.