Sex Addiction is a Major Cause of Divorce and Broken Relationships as Heard on Divorce Source Radio

We’ve been reading about famous celebrities entering rehab for “Sexual Addiction” but many of us don’t have a clue what that is or how it negatively impacts an addicts life or family. This addiction is responsible for destroying families and relationships as sex addicts may actually be using his or her sexual fantasies to meet their sexual and emotional needs in place of their spouse or partner.

Sexual addiction is characterized by out-of-control (compulsive) sexual behavior with marked consequences. Sex addicts use denial, rationalizing, minimizing , and lying to avoid the truth to themselves and others. They typically have difficulty with closeness in committed relationships and use their sexual addiction behavior to escape painful and stressful feelings. The sex addict typically cycles through an addictive cycle of preoccupation, ritualization, compulsive sexual behavior, and despair (shame).

Divorce Source Radio, a radio station which focuses on providing free audio programs with advise to help people considering or going through a divorce, has just released the program, “Sexual Addiction as Related to Marriage and Divorce”. Dr. Kenneth Adams, a leading certified sex addiction therapist and author, is the guest on this program, and he provides a definition for what sex addiction is as well as treatment options for addicts.

Topics in the program include:

Could You be a Sex Addict?

What causes someone to become addicted to sex?

How sex addiction affects relationships

What to do if you are the partner of a sex addict

The clues to look for that might indicate that you or your spouse are a sex addict

Available treatment options and much more.

Sexuality should be an integral and balanced part of our life experience. However, when sex becomes all consuming, or when we deprive ourselves of healthy sexual expression, our sexuality acts as a barrier filled with shame and self-contempt. It isolates us from attachment with others. Healthy sexual behavior or sexual health, on the other hand, creates intimacy and closeness. It is characterized by trust, respect, joy and safety.

Sexual health can be achieved by sex addicts in recovery. Overcoming sexual addiction requires hard work and a commitment to settle for nothing less than full recovery. In doing so, sexual addiction recovery becomes a life shift that opens up hope and the possibility for change. This is a MUST HEAR program for anyone who is dealing with this addiction, whether the addict or a family member.

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