Team Fitness America Gives Away One Year Of Personal Training


Team Fitness America announced a giveaway of one year of personal training services to one of their most deserving clients, Kevin Turner, Little Falls, NJ. Team Fitness America tracked the progress of their clients over the past year to reward one deserving client a year of free personal training. Their objective was to prove the benefits of in home personal training versus the gym while providing an incentive based opportunity for somebody to win this great prize from sticking to an in home based program over a period of one year.
Turner has been training with Julie Luria, Team Fitness America’s 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year, and he has shown marked weight loss and muscle gain through nutritional adjustments and fitness training. Team Fitness America chose Luria as 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year for her passion in fitness, education, and ability to obtain results with her clients. Turner has benefited from her as a trainer and will continue with an entire year of personal training as a gift from the company for his dedication and progress towards being a fit and healthy individual.

Team Fitness America offers clients the opportunity to experience fitness training with one of their stellar personal trainers throughout over 20 different metropolitan areas. Team Fitness America will meet a client at their home, office, local park, beach or condo complex gym and provide fitness services including weight loss for individuals and or small groups. Team Fitness America’s specialists continue to have some of the most extensive training in the industry, are background checked, and provide the much-needed motivation for each client to reach their fitness goals.

“Team Fitness America has previously given away prizes such as this through the popular game show The Price Is Right, but this is our first independent giveaway representing results,” said Margaret Pajak, President of Team Fitness America.

“We are proud to offer a free year of services to a deserving client, such as Kevin Turner,” added Pajak. “His progress is remarkable and exactly what we strive for at Team Fitness America.”

Julie Luria has worked with Turner on fat loss, muscle toning and reaching his goals over the course of the past year. She is both NASM and AFAA certified, nutrition certified and working on her yoga training as well.

“It has been fantastic working with Kevin; he is open to all kinds of exercise and he likes challenges so it motivates both of us when I train him,” said Luria. “I look forward to going to work with him because he actually understands that exercise is a life change and even though he has to work hard at it, he wants to do it. He has more energy, looks fantastic and wants to be fit and healthy.”

By changing his diet and adding exercises to his program, Turner feels he has made big changes in his life and he is happy having Luria as his trainer. Turner had this to say about winning a year of fitness training through Team Fitness America and working with Julie Luria as his trainer.

“I am very shocked and excited that I won,” Turner said.

“I have been striving to reach my goals all year long and now that I know I have an entire year of training I am even more motivated to keep going and get in great shape,” added Turner. “Julie is really fantastic, pushes me in the right direction, and each week I meet more and more of my goals and it is because of her.”

Team Fitness America has a wide variety of affordable, certified personal fitness trainers that get the job done time and time again and can help each individual meet their goals. Each trainer can help with the fitness component and Team Fitness America also provides meal planning, nutrition help and even offers phone weight loss coaching to assist with each person’s unique needs.

With all those services available, each person can customize a program to their needs. Some individuals want simply an in home personal fitness trainer to teach them how to exercise and workout. Some individuals need more motivation and custom meal planning based on the foods they like to eat, while others need less.

For Turner, the main focus was on the actual exercises and what to eat at certain times. Luria worked with him on total body conditioning so he saw both weight loss and muscle toning at the same time. She chose compound exercises and kept it fun. Unlike the boring gym training that is machine after boring machine, Luria provided Turner with fun exercises using cones, balls, bands, hoops and she made it interesting and challenging at the same time.