US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and Chindex Celebrate Completion of United Family New Hope Oncology Center in Beijing


Chindex International, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHDX), a leading independent American provider of Western healthcare products and services in the People’s Republic of China, today celebrated the building completion of the United Family New Hope Oncology Center at a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony outside the facility in Beijing attended by U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, Chinese officials and global business leaders.

Headed by Dr. Philip Brooks, a renowned medical oncologist and hematologist, the world-class facility provides a new concept in cancer treatment for people in China and provides patients a range of previously unavailable options when fighting cancer in China. This includes a multidisciplinary, team approach, using the most modern equipment and evidence-based protocols. Treatment is carried out in a comfortable, therapeutic environment, which includes a rooftop garden, waterfalls, natural light, and plants throughout, and which provides a new level of premium care not previously found in China.

“The partnership between Chindex International and China establishing the United Family New Hope Oncology Center will bring successful American care models and practices to patients in China,” Locke said. “We’re glad to see U.S. companies like Chindex and United Family Healthcare working within China, using the most advanced American medical devices, to deliver premium quality products and services to the rapidly growing numbers of Chinese seeking world-class health care.”

The United Family New Hope Oncology Center approach to cancer care focuses on renewed hope for cure and for recovery. Services include the diagnosis, staging and treatment of a wide variety of cancers using a Western perspective in treatment and a multidisciplinary approach, which combines several dimensions of medical oncology (chemotherapy, biologic therapy and endocrine therapy), along with surgery, radiation oncology, as well as ancillary support, including mental health assistance, physical therapy, pain control, patient peer support groups and a wealth of patient education resources.

Roberta Lipson, Chindex Chief Executive Officer and UFH Chair, stated, “After our 27 years providing premium-quality care in China, Chindex is once again proud to be introducing a brand new, unmatched model of quality medical care for patients in China. This beautiful new facility brings to China the latest concepts in cancer treatment with state-of-the-art methods and a team of the foremost Chinese and American cancer support specialists, all to achieve the best possible results for patients in a relaxing therapeutic environment.”

Dr. Brooks said, “New Hope will concentrate on curative treatment and early diagnosis of cancer, with the latest international approaches to therapies and the use of medicines. Through our expert multidisciplinary care we provide patients solutions, hope, and compassion, giving cancer patients in China a unique approach that has all the amenities and service for which United Family Healthcare is known.”

Dr. Brooks is currently the only American medical oncologist in China to be certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). In addition to being a medical oncologist, he is also a board-certified hematologist with over 30 years of medical experience in both his fields. Dr. Brooks and the medical team at the New Hope Oncology Center, which consists of senior specialists from both the U.S. and China, will have access to the combined opinions of distinguished experts from the United States as well as China’s top academic centers when treating patients.

The United Family New Hope Oncology Center is a joint venture between Chindex International and the China Academy of Sciences’ Xiehe Group. The Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences will be offering technical support and collaboration. Additionally, the New Hope Oncology Center, developed by the United Family Healthcare division of Chindex (“UFH”), is China’s first medical building to be designed and constructed strictly in compliance with US “green” building standards and plans to be accredited by the LEED green building counsel.