What is a Vasectomy Reversal?


A vasectomy, without a doubt, is regarded as a permanent solution for birth control. A vasectomy reversal (vasovasostomy) connects the actual tubes (vas deferens) which had been cut in the course of a vasectomy.

The odds of vasectomy reversal achieving success count on exactly how much time has went by since the vasectomy and the actual reversal. As time passes, more blockages could form, and a number of men produce antibodies towards their own sperm.

The surgical procedure can be more complex and requires additional time whenever blockage in between the vas deferens and the epididymis involves correction (vasoepididymostomy).

A vasectomy reversal is normally an outpatient treatment with no overnight stay in a hospital. A spinal as well as general anesthesia is usually used in order to make sure that you stay totally motionless throughout the surgical procedure.

Some things To Expect Following Surgery

Vasectomy reversal typically will take from two to four hours, followed by a couple of additional hours for recovery because of the anesthetic. You may expect to return home the very same day.

Discomfort may possibly be slight to moderate. You actually ought to be capable of resuming typical routines, which includes sex, within three weeks.

The key reason why it is done

Vasectomy reversal can be done when you have experienced a vasectomy and at present wish to be fertile.

Generally, vasectomy reversal:

Causes total pregnancy rates of higher than 50%.

It offers the best possibility of good results within three years of the vasectomy.

It leads to pregnancy just about 30% of the time if the actual reversal is carried out 10 years following vasectomy.

Just how Effectively Does It Work

Odds of a good vasectomy reversal decrease over time. Reversals tend to be much more successful during the 1st ten years following vasectomy.

What to Consider

Prior to a vasectomy reversal, your physician may wish to verify that you had been fertile before your vasectomy.

You could have medical tests to observe whether you have sperm antibodies within your semen prior to and following vasectomy reversal. In the event that there are sperm antibodies within your semen following surgery, your partner is usually not likely to become pregnant. In this type of case, you might want to attempt vitro fertilization along with intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Dangers of Vasectomy Reversal can be:

An infection can occur at the actual site of surgery.

Fluid accumulation in the scrotum (hydrocele) could call for draining.

Damage can occur to the arteries or the nerves within the scrotum.

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