What is The Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program?


Adding Fresh & Free to my delicious Jenny Craig meals helps to add variety and and balance to my daily diet. With 12 pounds lost so far, I’m counting this program as a success! Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.

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Jenny Craig isn’t really a newcomer in the actual diet arena. This diet program started in 1983 in Australia and began U.S. locations around 1985.

The actual Jenny Craig approach is a 3 level strategy to aid people lose weight and also keep it off.

In the very first level, the plan instructs clientele exactly how to consume the food items they would like, in smaller, frequent helpings.

In the 2nd level, the plan educates clientele just how to boost their energy levels by means of easy activity.

In the 3rd level, the plan instructs clientele how to develop far more balance within their lives so as to sustain weight loss and also a healthy diet.

The plan provides numerous levels of help. Maybe the most striking of these might be its 24/7 phone line, permitting clientele to find information as well as assistance whenever they require it. The plan additionally provides online assistance, which includes peer-support discussion communities. A broad range of written resources are additionally for sale.

Presently there are 2 Jenny Craig programs. One is designed around actual Jenny Craig facilities. The corporation has around 651 facilities in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand. For individuals that find it difficult to get to a facility      , the actual at-home Jenny Direct program provides information by way of phone and also mail.

Offering their advice to Jenny Craig is a healthcare advisory panel having certified experts in medicine, nutrition and psychology.

Just what are you allowed to eat on the Jenny Craig Diet?

The center stone of the Jenny Craig diet plan is their prepackaged meals. These are generally frozen breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and also desserts. Nutritionally, they represent the 2005 federal government recommendations as well as USDA food pyramid, and include 50% to 60% carbohydrate, 20% to 25% protein, and 20% to 25% fat.

Clientele supplement these meals along with fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and also reduced-fat dairy products. Generally, non-starchy veggies are unrestricted.

Although these types of meals are exactly what come to mind whenever people think of Jenny Craig, they are not necessarily the be-all and end-all regarding the program. In actuality, states Lisa Waltman, telephone center supervisor for Jenny Direct, the objective is ultimately to wean clientele from the prepared meals.

“For a specific time period we help people with this particular prepackaged menu which acts as a model for healthy eating,” Waltman explains. “When clients grow to be more acquainted with knowing proper portion sizes, the consultants show them just how to cook at home and also to eat out.”

Absolutely no food is forbidden. The emphasis is upon moderation, a well balanced diet, as well as obtaining sufficient exercise. Yet designed into the plan are periodic splurges which permit individuals to indulge themselves just a little.

“There is practically nothing you cannot include,” Waltman states. “We teach exactly what foods tend to be high in fat and calories and ought to be utilized in small amounts vs. foods which could be eaten much more readily such as no starchy veggies like salad. Plus we train with regards to additional foods that of course you will need to take in small amounts whenever trying to get rid of weight. In the event that you would like cake, we would like you to realize just what you are undertaking if you get a piece, not really to refuse you exactly what you would like.”

That being stated, the Jenny Craig method is simply calorie structured. The menus a customer builds up with his or her counselor tend to be centered on a person’s weight, height, as well as goals.

Just how does the Jenny Craig Program Work

An individual wanting to start the Jenny Craig program could go to a Jenny Craig facility or perhaps phone Jenny Craig Directly. Examining the corporation’s internet website is actually a great place to begin, because one frequently may locate special offers. Presently there are several levels involving membership with various price tags.

The concept is not to hold people in the program permanently, but to shift them effectively through the program in order that they create long-term techniques for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The program features 3 elements. Very first is food. The concept here will be to instruct people just how to eat practical portions, the best way to plan as well as prepare healthy and balanced menus, and also how to stay away from pitfalls whenever eating at dining establishments or whenever having the occasional splurge.

The 2nd element is body.

“To get rid of weight and have a long lasting effect, the crucial indicator is staying physically active.” Waltman says. “We assist clientele figure out exactly where they happen to be now. Are they completely inactive? Do they simply walk from vehicle to workplace? Or are they an individual that is truly on their way, working out a couple of times a week? We assist them find a spot which can offer not only weight reduction but additionally long-term maintenance. We start looking at obstacles such as being genuinely busy, or not needing to take away via family time. We operate on techniques to create physically active lifestyles.”

The 3rd element is mind.

“Staying positive and also encircling yourself with support and affirmations truly helps.” Waltman says. “The distinction between the clientele who can make it and the clientele which doesn’t is actually motivation way of thinking. We assist individuals keep in contact with their particular goals and offer help each and every inch of the way. And we permit them to acquire assistance from various other customers. We discuss taking care of oneself, not specifically with food.”

Just what are the Specialists Saying about Jenny Craig?

Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, is director of sports nutrition with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She offers nutrition consultation to athletes in the professional, university, and also high school levels, which includes the Pittsburgh Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers as well as the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre company. Bonci has absolutely no monetary link to Jenny Craig.

Bonci praises Jenny Craig regarding instructing portion control. Yet she doubts the benefit of understanding portion control through pre-packaged meals.

“The negative will be as soon as you go off of the packaged foods, it will be hard to convert those portions of food to actual eating,” Bonci states. “Regular meals are not necessarily sold in those small portions. And also the majority of people state no matter what packaged meals you purchase they all taste the same. It can be like going camping outdoors. Anything you consume is out of the package, and you will not have that stimulatory pleasure. Plus that can end up being a problem. It’s essential to get people to enjoy eating over the actual long term. The essential problem is exactly how to assist somebody back to a semblance of regular eating. This is where the program isn’t going to keep up as effectively.”

We taste-tested a week’s supply of Jenny Craig meals supplied free of charge through the company. The majority of the products, we discovered, had been equivalent in taste to comparable frozen-food entrees. One or even two had been significantly tastier than average and one or two were not appetizing to individuals that tried them. Most who were not on diets, stated they ended up hungry once again shortly after eating. Supplementing the dishes with a bit of fresh fruit, as Jenny Craig suggests, supplied a more fulfilling experience.

Bonci furthermore praises Jenny Craig regarding the higher level of assistance it offers its clientele.

“I believe support will be essential to the accomplishment of any kind of weight loss plan,” Bonci states. “However you are usually dealing with a restricted selection of items you are offered to eat. This will not offer you as much capability to personalize to individual personal preferences. And also the support personnel are usually not qualified nutritionists.”


In case you would like to lose some weight relatively swiftly, Jenny Craig could get you upon the proper path in a brief period of time. In order to get total benefit of the Jenny Craig system, you should make complete use of the guidance and support the organization provides as you make the move from packaged meals to your very own healthy menu planning and meal preparation. Individuals who are all set to dedicate to the type of way of life change Jenny Craig provides are usually most likely to obtain complete value for their diet dollar.

Adding Fresh & Free to my delicious Jenny Craig meals helps to add variety and and balance to my daily diet. With 12 pounds lost so far, I’m counting this program as a success! Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.