What is the Shake Weight?


The dumbbell designed gadget features spring loaded weight loads on both ends. FitnessIQ states in 6 minutes an individual could receive a complete upper body exercise session.

With the countless numbers of exercising gizmos which have appeared in TV airwaves throughout the years, just a few actually turn out to be huge sellers and actually a lot fewer turn into social phenomenons. The Shake Weight can be most certainly in this rarified classification. More than 3.7 million individuals have viewed the Shake Weight advertisement on YouTube, as well as millions more observed the gadget showcased on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and also made fun of upon “Saturday Night Live.”

In the event that you might have overlooked the fuss, an intro might be in order. The Shake Weight is actually a 2.5 pound dumbbell designed piece of equipment having spring loaded weight loads on both ends. Rather than merely lifting the Shake Weight, people are told to grasp it using both hands and then shake it up and down like mixing a can of spray paint.

The particular company associated with the Shake Weight, FitnessIQ, not too long ago launched a Shake Weight intended for Men. It functions just like the classic edition, however it’s two times as weighty and also there’s much more resistance within the spring loaded weights.

Shake Weights are generally marketed within drug stores as well as department stores just about everywhere. The actual women’s edition costs around $20. The Shake Weight intended for Men costs around $30.

The Shake Weight Promise:

The Television advertisement declares the Shake Weight as “a groundbreaking brand new method to condition and sculpt arms.” The advertisement states that the gadget is “structured on a totally       brand new exercise technology known as dynamic inertia which ignites the muscle groups within your chest, arms, and shoulders.” Because of that dynamic inertia, an individual could apparently “work out the total upper body in only 6 minutes per day.” The advertisement additionally states that “research at a renowned California university confirm that the Shake Weight boosts upper body muscle mass activity by much more than 300% in contrast to conventional weights.”

A video clip on the Shake Weight for Men website states that the gadget “is likely to kick your butt in only 6 minutes guaranteed.” Just how? It “makes use of the energy of dynamic inertia in order to completely redefine strength training” and also “forces a person’s muscles to contract as much as 240 times a minute.” The video clip continues to state that “6 minutes using a Shake Weight burns up as much muscle energy as forty two minutes using a conventional dumbbell.”

Johann Verheem, CEO of FitnessIQ and also creator of the Shake Weight, referred to it as “an entirely different technique to physical exercise” which “makes use of velocity rather than dead weight.” He additionally mentioned that their product can “tighten, tone, and strengthen” the total upper body.


The Shake Weight owes a good deal of its popularity to the unconventional technique it demands of users. Yet does it really do the job?

Daniel Cipriani, a professor of exercise and nutritional sciences with San Diego State University states the gadget may certainly offer a individual a excellent exercise session and most likely could strengthen and tone arm and chest muscle groups, particularly in individuals which are relatively new to strength training. Individuals who currently lift weights on a regular basis “most likely would not notice very much gain,” he states.

Cipriani directed the research talked about in the Television advertisement. Together with financing from the company, graduate college students in his laboratory tested the muscle activity needed to employ a Shake Weight and when compared with conventional curls using a dumbbell with the identical weight. (Cipriani states he has absolutely no present monetary ties to the company.) As the actual advertisement states, the Shake Weight does, in actual fact, demand around 300% additional muscle activity compared to the dumbbell. “Making use of the Shake Weight truly got muscle groups fired up,” he states. He says that not too many individuals could make use of the device for very long without becoming fatigued. “I might observe somebody making use of it at their computer for a 3 minute break. I really don’t view it as a primary type of exercise.”

There is certainly no question that moving the Shake Weight is actually tough work. Yet David Swain, professor of exercise science with Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va., isn’t really persuaded that it is truly a physical exercise breakthrough. In his belief, its “unlikely” to believe that an individual can obtain a total upper-body exercise session in merely 6 minutes per day. Even in the event that an individual made use of the device that long, there is certainly no proof that it might supply anything near to the advantages of a thirty minute workout using ordinary weights, he states. Customers wanting to eliminate arm fat may be unhappy, he says. “Spot reducing, shedding body fat from a specific area simply by working out that area, is a fantasy.”

And also “dynamic inertia”? Swain had never ever heard of it. “It is clearly just a term these people created for advertising the device,” he states.

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