Women Won’t Lose Athletic Edge after Breast Augmentation, Say Virginia Plastic Surgeons


Athletic women who want breast augmentation shouldn’t have to worry that surgery will limit their competitive advantage, according to two local plastic surgeons. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Goldberg & Krieger Plastic Surgery (www.virginiaplasticsurgery.com) say they frequently perform breast augmentation in Virginia for athletes and highly active women.
“For many athletic women, it’s a question of health and confidence – they know that good performance is tied to feeling their absolute best,” explains Dr. Andrew Goldberg. “Some women see breast augmentation as part of achieving that goal, and they recognize that breast enlargement isn’t going to have an impact on their fitness plan.”

With a wide range of implant options including saline and silicone gel implants, Virginia breast enhancement patients of the practice can expect their surgical results to align with their fitness goals. For instance, silicone-gel filled implants have a much softer feel that many athletic women prefer.

“Gel implants are definitely popular with our athletic patients, and there are several techniques we can use to minimize disruption of nearby tissue and shorten recovery time,” says Dr. Mitchel Krieger. “For example, placing the implant in front of the chest muscle works very well when a woman has some existing breast tissue, and it can speed healing dramatically.”

Another factor helping athletic women get back to their training schedules quickly is simply their active lifestyle. Like any other patient, athletes do need to set aside some time for healing after cosmetic surgery in Virginia, Dr. Goldberg and Krieger note, but unlike the average patient, the superior cardiovascular health of these women can speed surgical recovery significantly.

“Regular exercise and a healthy diet are two of the things that contribute the most to the quality of both recovery and results,” says Dr. Goldberg. “Athletes tend to be some of the fastest-healing and most successful patients we have because health and wellbeing are their motivation for surgery.”

The doctors note that besides breast augmentation, many athletic women come in for body contouring procedures like liposuction to put the finishing touches on a look they’ve worked hard to achieve. “Even with a proper diet and regular exercise, a woman might have a ‘trouble spot’ or two that may need surgical improvement,” adds Dr. Krieger “With a skilled surgeon and a reasonable postsurgical training schedule, they have every reason to be back on their game and feeling better than ever.”