World Progress Report with Joan Lunden Focuses On Struggling Military Spouses


Buses. Families. Packed bags. Tears. No deployment is easy on our service members. Yet in today’s military, they are increasingly common. Though the separation can be difficult for those deploying, sometimes it’s even harder for those left behind.
Recent studies confirm that deployed military personnel aren’t the only ones suffering from mental health disorders. Due to long-term deployments, military wives are proving to be just as susceptible. In fact, in a recent study where over 250,000 Army wives were examined, researchers discovered that one third of all women studied were diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder; depression and sleep disorders ranked among the most common. Some women also suffered from a range of anxiety, stress and adjustment disorders. “There’s a very clear relationship between deployment and these mental health diagnoses in these women,” said Alyssa Mansfield, an epidemiologist with the research organization RTI International and the study’s lead author. “We find that these women are experiencing greater mental health problems and there’s a need for services for them (USA Today).”

Though the battle on the home front is very real for today’s military spouses, help doesn’t seem to be as readily available for them. There are very few organizations dedicated to specifically helping the wives through their mental struggles. However, through their Public Television series, the World Progress Report hopes to highlight efforts dedicated to helping spouses through these difficult times. “We hope that more organizations will continue to step up and help ease the anxiety and frustrations military wives experience. We understand that it’s not just our service men that need support, their spouses do as well,” said the Executive Producer of the series. Through these efforts, the World Progress Report hopes that lives continue to heal and that awareness of this growing problem is brought to light.

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