Worldwide Economic Recession Stimulates Trade in Used Medical Equipment


As the worldwide economy struggles to recover from financial recessions in recent years, hospital and clinic budgets have been sharply reduced and as a result, creative solutions have to be found to maintain equipment standards. Consequently, the demand for used medical equipment is steadily increasing. Hospitals that cannot afford to remain open are selling off their inventories as well, so the market is ripe for buyers looking to improve their medical facilities. The current trend is to upgrade by purchasing used and refurbished higher-end equipment such as MRIs, CT scanners, ambulances and ultrasound machines. Dental and veterinary sales are also on the uprise, as those sectors discover the value of maximizing their buying power through the purchase of pre-owned devices and equipment.
With the need for quality medical equipment remaining constant, many institutions have recognized that they can easily purchase used medical equipment at a fraction of the cost through the MedWOW online platform without sacrificing quality. MedWOW’s multilingual sales and marketing staff is constantly upgrading their services, based on the feedback received from their thousands of customers. MedWOW’s catalog consists of over 150,000 items of pre-owned and new medical devices (including complete systems, parts, and accessories), giving medical institutions access to medical equipment and special deals they may have otherwise not known about. Additionally, MedWOW’s global presence enables institutions to profit by selling their existing equipment to institutions virtually all over the world, where much-needed equipment in good shape may not be readily available.

Mark Green, MedWOW’s Marketing Director commented, “MedWOW’s activity has recently picked up, as we are able to provide turnkey services facilitating both buying and selling of anything; from one piece of equipment, to an entire hospital’s inventory, saving our valued customers money. In a down economy, you need a critical edge, and we provide many value-added-services including: Promotion Service, Professional Purchasing Services, Simplified Posting Services, Equipment Inspection, One-On-One Training and more. We make sure that both the buyer and the seller are satisfied with the sale, and therefore, we are available to them for all their needs. MedWOW offers services and solutions in multiple languages, for both used and new equipment. There is no other International Medical Platform that offers all this.”